Drycut Saw Blades

Drycut saws are power driven, and the blade moves up and down. This type of saw is useful for both wood and metal, especially for intricate cutting and maneuvering, and has a unique ability to make pierce cuts.

The finish of the cut you make with a drycut saw is clean and smooth, and there are controls to adjust the speed of the blade. One of the downsides of the drycut saw is that they are often noisy.

Be aware that drycut saws come in different sizes, usually ranging from 12 to 30 inches, so select based on what will suit the job you are doing.

Next up, you need to select the type of drycut saw blade for your work. Metal and woodwork require differing blades. The blades come in skip tooth, double skip tooth, reversed tooth and diamond blades.

The one you see regularly is the general skip tooth, where there is one tooth, a gap, then another tooth. Similarly with the double skip tooth, where there are two teeth, a gap, then two more teeth. The reversed tooth saw blade is a bit different in that there are two different sections – an upper and a lower. There are the normal teeth in the upper section, and pointed or reversed teeth in the lower. Diamond drycut saw blades are blades with a diamond coated blade edge.


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