Do You Need Cold Saw Blades For Brass?

Cold Saw Blade For Brass

If you’ve been curious about cold saw blades for cutting brass, then you’ve come to the right place. 

But, what is brass? And why would you need to cut it? Brass is an easy to work with alloy of copper and zinc and is similar to bronze and copper.

It’s commonly used for things such as, plumbing, valves, tools, etc. Typically you’ll need to be able to cut through brass if you’re in construction. But almost every industry that works with metal would come across the situation in which you would need to cut brass. 

If you’re purchasing a cold saw blades for cutting brass the recommended blade is a HSS Cold Saw Blade (also known as high speed steel cold saw blade). 

It’s the best option for cutting material such as alloy steel, common steel and brass. The blade is long lasting, durable and can be resharpened. Along with the blades themselves, we also provide coolant to keep your machine and blade running smoothly. 

But, why should you come to to purchase your blade? Not only do we have a quality guarantee, you can order a custom blade from the comfort of your own home. 


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