Diamond Coated Bandsaw Blades For Sale

Glass cutting bandsaw blades

Diamond-coated bandsaw blades have the strength to cut through thick and abrasive surfaces with ease. These blades are the best tools for cutting through granite, marble, concrete, glass, and similar hard materials. 

Recommended and used extensively for shaping gems and slicing superconductors, these blades offer both durability and precision. 

Uniqueness of Diamond Coated Bandsaw Blades

The diamond-coated bandsaw blades have diamond grits on the tip of each tooth. These grits offer added strength and cut faster when working with extremely abrasive materials like agates, opals, and stones. 

What makes the diamond-coated bandsaw blades unique is its ability to grind up the material for cutting and not chop it. When the bond holding the diamond tips to the teeth wear out, a new layer of bond gets exposed, giving the blade sharper edge every time you cut. The best diamond tipped bandsaw blades give way to newer bonding material faster so that the sharp diamond edge becomes available fast enough to cut the material. 

Electroplating Technique Producing Quality Diamond Coated Bandsaw Blades

At sawblade.com.au, we pride ourselves on maintaining a quality manufacturing process producing blades which are a benchmark in the market. Our blades are manufactured using the electroplating process which makes the diamond layer hold its form for an extended time while giving superior performance. Electroplating uses an electric current to deposit diamonds on the edge of the bandsaw blades giving better performance when working with extremely hard materials. 

To achieve cut accuracy, blades should be chosen based on the hardness and thickness of the material. However, experts recommend having 3 teeth in a cut at all times. The optimum number of teeth per cut is believed to be 12 and no more than 24 teeth should be involved in the cut at any time. 

Delivering Full Range Of Blades All Across Australia

Based in Hamilton, VIC, Sawblade.com.au generates a manufacturing turnaround time of only one day after receiving an order from the customer. Orders are shipped the next day with your blades safely packaged to reach you in top condition. Our estimated delivery time for orders within VIC is an astonishing 1 day.

We take 2 days for orders from NSW, ACT and SA and 3 days for TAS and QLD. Sawblade.com.au is one of the quickest and efficient bandsaw blade dealers, manufacturing and delivering blades all across Australia.

Get in touch with us and we would be delighted to assist you in finding the best blade suited for your requirements.


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