Custom Bandsaw Blades

Custom Bandsaw Blade
Custom Bandsaw Blade

4 Steps Making Custom Bandsaw Blades

There are four steps for creating custom made bandsaw blades.

  1. The first step is to process the material in a custom cut-off machine. This step ensures the exceptional accuracy of the tooth spacing, set and length.
  2.  The second step is welding and annealing of the blades using the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) welding machine. The process of annealing makes the bandsaw more flexible and reduces brittleness.
  3. The next step is grinding the blades by using a grinding machine. This step is important because this will remove the metal slacks from the top and bottom of the blades.  
  4.  Lastly, we add a plastic strip to the teeth for protection. This step ensures the safe and secure transportation of the blades.
  5. Finally, the blades are placed within our branded box ready for shipping to your location.


CNC Welding Machine
CNC Welding Machine
Bandsaw Blade Grinding
Bandsaw Blade Grinding
Bandsaw Sawblade Box
Bandsaw Sawblade Box

Custom-Engineered Blades 

The raw steel comes from Germany and the UK, and then is custom made to your machines specifications. With over 3000 blades going out from our Melbourne factory daily we most certainly live and breath bandsaw blades.

Get Custom Bandsaw Blades

It is not difficult as you think, Request a quote, or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form. You can also contact the company directly on 03 9005 7931.
If you want some tips on how to use a new blade, click this link How to Break in a New Bandsaw Blade.


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