Coolant Soluble Oils For Use In Metal Cutting

Coolant Soluble Oils For Use In Metal Cutting

Coolant soluble oils are chemically formulated to perform various tasks in the metal cutting process. A high-quality coolant is expected to deliver a high level of cutting performance, along with impeccable chemical and biological stability. The need for machine tool and blade corrosion protection makes the use of coolants essential for the metal cutting process.

Benefits of Coolant Soluble Oils

Here are a few benefits of adding coolant soluble oils to the cutting process:

  • Provide cooling to the metal piece and the cutting blade by eliminating thermal stress.
  • Remove chips from the cutting surface.
  • Provide improved cutting surface integrity.
  • Provide lubrication between the cutting blade and metal piece.
  • Prevent future corrosion of the work piece and blade.
  • Prolong the blade life.


The failure to use good quality coolant soluble oils can lead to premature wear of the blade and eventual decrease in blade life. This, in turn, can lead to increased blade replacement costs and downtime.

Coolant Soluble Oils: Intricately Designed For Metal Cutting

Coolants have been developed as an economical cutting fluid that can be used on a wide range of machines, for ferrous and nonferrous metals. A carefully formulated chemical package has been added to the mineral-based oil to increase the life of the coolant in the sump. Extreme Pressure additives have been included to increase tool life in demanding machining operations and produce excellent surface finishes.

When added to water, it forms a stable milky solution providing excellent emulsion. It has been tested in almost all hard waters and has proven exceptionally stable. It has excellent Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Reduced Foam Properties.

At, we produce coolants that comprise of various necessary additives such as emulsifiers, anti-microbial pesticides, anti-oxidants, defoamers, and stabilisers. These coolants are widely used in cutting processes with long production run time. Our coolant soluble oils can produce a high level of lubricity providing maximum tool life and minimum downtime.

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