Coolant Neat Oils For Use In Metal Cutting

Coolant Neat Oils For Use In Metal Cutting

Coolant neat oils provide a solution to the problem of corrosion and rusting, while also increasing the life of metal tools and drills. Constant and prolonged use of metal tools renders them worn, which leads to diminishing productivity. Cutting metal surfaces with worn-out tools will inevitably damage the metal, which is the last thing you would want as a business owner.

Coolant Neat Oils: Essential For Metal Cutting

Coolant neat oils prevent overheating of the cutting surface hence elongating blade and machinery life. These oils also prevent chip formation around the cutting area by washing them away. By taking the step of using a neat oil, you avoid major expenses towards servicing the machinery and also buying a new blade sooner than anticipated.

Neat oils are applied to the cutting tool and the metal component being machined to lubricate the cutting process.

Benefits Of Coolant Neat Oils

The metal cutting industry uses coolant neat oils in heavy quantities to exploit the following advantages of using these oils:

  • Prevents overheating of metal components and machining tools prolonging tool life.
  • Cooling down the cutting process to avoid inaccurate final dimensions.
  • Reduces electricity consumption because tools remain properly serviced.
  • Reduces wear and tear of the cutting tools.
  • It provides better surface temperature to perform the accurate cutting.
  • Washes away chips that form around the cutting area.
  • Prevents corrosion of the tools, metal components, and the cutting machine.


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