Coolant Misting Oils For Use In Metal Cutting

Coolant Misting Oils For Use In Metal Cutting

When it comes to the metal cutting process, coolant misting oils are fast replacing the older method of flood cooling. Flood cooling is a method where both the cutting tool and the metal surfaces are covered with coolant oils. This method has been used in the past, but businesses are constantly looking for better alternatives to reduce the cost of coolants. Misting cooling has emerged as an extremely efficient method that could replace flood cooling in the future.

Coolant misting oils are applied by finely spraying exactly where the cutting tool comes in contact with the metal component. In this way, less oil is used in the cutting process and also produces less oil residual. Using misting oil not only keeps the working environment clean but also provides a better cutting surface to the operator.

Coolant Misting Oils: Formulated For Best Performance On Every Surface

Coolant misting oils should always be non-aromatic and water-soluble solutions because various amorphous materials such as acrylic and poly-carbonate are prone to cracking under chemical stress from reactive coolants. At, we have produced coolant misting oil that eliminates micro-carbon cracking on cutting tools and also increases the cutting efficiency by washing away the chips from the cutting surface.

The lubricant is projected to the cutting edge via a compressed air stream and forms a thin even coat on the cutting edge, greatly reducing frictional heat. The lubrication pulse can be adjusted from 3 per second to 1 per minute and the discharge from 0 mm^3 to 41 mm^3 per pulse. An economical and efficient method of lubrication, eliminating the expense and wastage of flood coolant systems.

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