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What are Cold Saw Blades?

One of the biggest problems that arise when cutting metal is that large amounts of heat can be generated very quickly. This heat not only affects the operator, but also the equipment as well. This is where cold saw blades come in.

These blades are specifically designed to get rid of this heat problem, leaving you cutting for longer periods of time. Not only this, but the efficiency of cutting may also increase with the use of these types of blades. SawBlade is your one stop shop for a variety of blades to suit your needs.

Different Types of Cold Saw

Cold saws work differently from most blades in that they cut relatively slowly whilst dissipating heat quickly. This is thanks to their unique teeth design which are able to generate large amounts of chips which absorb the heat generated during cutting.

This keeps both the blade and equipment cool, hence the name. The two most commonly used types of cold saws are known as High Speed Steel(HSS) and Tungsten-carbide Tips(TCT). Both are suitable for cutting metal with various advantages and disadvantages.

HIgh Speed Steel Blades: HSS blades are specially treated and hardened to have high heat and wear resistance but become somewhat brittle as a result. They are commonly used for different shapes of metal such as tubing, structural sections and ingots whilst cutting slowly.

Tungsten-carbide Tips: TCT blades have their teeth coated in the tungsten-carbide compound. This allows for the blade to operate at higher temperatures than the HSS blades which allows them to cut at quicker speeds. However, due to this speed, they are less resistant to shock and thus more prone to be damaged.

Now then, we hope you have a better idea of what cold saws are and how they can be beneficial to your metal cutting needs.

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