Choosing a Coolant For Cutting Metal with Your Bandsaw

Coolant Cutting Solid Steel Pipe

Heat in Metalworking

One of the biggest problems that people face whenever they work with metal is heat generation.

Whether it be welding, shaping or using the furnace, heat is a constant in the workshop. This becomes a problem when it comes to cutting metal. If too much heat is generated, it can cause damage to both the workpiece and equipment that you are using. It’s especially troublesome when using machine cutting, as most industries do.

That is, overheating can lead to damage to an expensive piece of equipment. That’s why choosing a coolant to use for cutting metal with your bandsaw is an important consideration.

They can help to lubricate and cool the blades, extending the blade life and increasing the speed the machine can run at.

3 Coolants For Cutting Metal With Your Bandsaw

At SawBlade, we have several choices when it comes to coolants for metalworking. Here are some of your choices.

Coolant Misting Oils
A fine spray that goes exactly at the point of contact between the blade and material. Eliminates cracking on the tools and washes away the cutting chips.

Coolant Neat Oils
Neat oils are used in heavy quantities due to their ability to prevent corrosion in metal tools, components and the whole machine itself. They also help to keep a suitable surface temperature, leading to more accurate cuts.

Coolant Soluble Oils
These coolants are chemically formulated to assist in the cutting procedure. They not only provide cooling to both the blade and material by reducing thermal stress but also serves as a lubricant between them.

As you can probably tell by now, choosing a coolant to use for cutting metal with your bandsaw is an important decision if you want to maintain both your machines and blades for longer. If you’re still unsure, then make sure to visit our store for more details or chat with one of our customer service members.

Hot workshops are a thing of the past!