Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

Cermet is well established in metalworking since the 1930s. Cermet-tipped saws are very popular. They enjoy a long life and a high level of squareness. They offer a fine surface finish with high process reliability, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, chemical stability, and high hardness at higher temperatures.

Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

What material are Cermet Tipped Circular Blades made of?

We obtain Cermet by synthesizing ceramic dust, silicon carbides, and metal oxides such as chrome, cobalt, nickel, titanium, aluminium, and tungsten that are resistant to the highest temperatures. It has a hardness that lies between silicon carbide and diamond. Cermet tipped circular blades offer excellent wear and heat resistance for prolonged cutting life, especially for heavy-duty cutting applications.

This feature makes it highly resistant to high cutting temperatures as it can withstand extremely high machining rates.

What are the advantages of Cermet Tipped Circular Blades?

Cermet tipped blades generate an excellent surface finish on the cut material. It also makes sure the tools have extra-long life.

What materials does Cermet have?

Cermet contains materials such as Titanium carbide, titanium nitride and tungsten carbide. It also has ceramics such as Alumina, Silicon carbide, and Zirconia. Most of these are uncommon and highly pure chemicals.

Why use Cermet Tipped Circular Blades?

Cermet tipped blades offer excellent wear and heat resistance for prolonged cutting life, especially for heavy-duty cutting applications. These blades come with a super-thin kerf for fast, efficient cutting and laser-cut stabiliser slots to reduce jarring noise and vibration for maximum stability and precision cuts. The material and designing of cermet tipped blades offer the best combination of speed and durability for making a clean, stress-free cut in even the hardest alloys.

They are ideal for both ferrous or non-ferrous cutting and can cut low to medium carbon steels as well.

They come with a thin kerf to reduce waste and provide a better finish, longer life, and quicker cutting times. Cermet saws cut steel bars usually three to five times faster than a bandsaw machine.

Cermet tipped blades have high abrasive resistance compared to standard carbide tipped saws.

Features of Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

Some features of these blades as under:

  • Cermet tips ensure high impact and wear resistance
  • Laser-cut body and stabilizer slots enable smooth operation
  • Triple chip grind for rapid cutting
  • Certain blades feature a two-step blade body and a coating for added lubricity for reduced friction
  • Better blade geometry features such as wide and shallow tooth pockets make sure blade stability and durability

Cermet Tipped Circular Blades

We make our Cermet tipped blades with high-quality steel. The blades offer a super fine finish due to their high tolerance levels. This gives you maximum cutting quality and precision. The blades are highly resistant to wear, tear, and cracking. They also offer high resistance, better strength, toughness, and durability.

If you are looking for more information on our Cermet tipped blades, visit the Cermet Tipped Blades shop page. Similarly, you can send an email or call us on (03) 9005 7931 to speak to one of our representatives directly.