Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades

Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades

When choosing a bandsaw blade, the type of metal it is can greatly affect its capabilities. At SawBlade, we recommend carbon steel bandsaw blades for its multipurpose applications.

Why You Should Choose Carbon Steel Blades

The metal, carbon steel, is an iron-carbon alloy that contains 2.1% carbon. This is combined with an alloy mixture that usually contains manganese, silicon and copper. At our company, we use a unique welding process that improves the integrity of the blade whilst still keeping its flexibility. As such, this means the blade is adaptable to a variety of applications. This includes cutting wood, fibreglass, non-ferrous metals and carbon steel itself.

Of course, the use case scenario can depend on a number of factors such how many times you use the bandsaw a day. That’s why SawBlade suggests carbon steel blades for one-off uses thanks to its cost-effectiveness, especially in comparison to the more common bimetal blades.

SawBlade Choices

Here at SawBlade, we have two products that we believe cater to a wide variety of specifications.

Carbon Flexback
These blades are produced with superior carbon rich steel in order to provide reliable cutting performance as well as increased fatigue resistance. That’s why they’re perfect for cutting different types of tubing.

Carbon Thin Gauge
These blades are made to fit smaller machines with tighter wheel radii. This means that they’re less likely to break prematurely. As a result, we recommend using thin gauge blades for materials that don’t form a regular chip.


So then, are you looking for a flexible alternative to bimetal bandsaw blades? Then why not visit our product page or search for your specific choice.

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