Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades

Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades

Carbon Steel Bandsaw blades are general purpose blades widely used for light production cutting and simple workshop operations. Bandsaw blades cut a wide range of materials from aluminium and carbon steels to softer materials like wood and fiberglass.

Features and Benefits of Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades

At, blades are manufactured with added beam strength for straighter cut and high output.

Our blades are reliable because of their hardened tooth tips and a flexible band body. This makes the blade suitable for cutting materials from wood and plastic to non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, and aluminium.

A Bandsaw Blade For Every Job 

Our blades are as good at intricate specialist applications as they are at cutting hard metals. As a result, Bandsaw blades can cut through each material with ease and accuracy.

Our blades are perfect for furniture production because they create a smooth and straight cut. Bandsaw blades are also suitable for cutting hardboard, composition boards, and general-purpose production wood cutting.

A “Cut” Above The Rest is committed to manufacturing the highest quality blades in the market. That’s why we have created the best bandsaw blades, which is a testament to our benchmark production plan that ensures every single blade produced is of the best standard.

Our up to date welding techniques produces ultra-strong joints, resulting in exceptional reliability. Each of the blades produced at goes through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that only the best blades reach our customers.

Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades available In Full Range of Sizes and TPIs

Our blades come in a range of width starting from 6mm to over 30mm. also manufactures blades with TPI(teeth per inch) up to 18tpi.

In conclusion, we understand that it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all with blades. Get in touch with us, and we would be happy to assist find the best blade suited to your requirements.


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