Blank Cold Saw Blades For Sale

Blank cold saw blades

The biggest advantage of buying a cold saw blank is that you can have your preferred number of teeth cut into it. You can also select the tooth geometry of your choice. Made in Italy, from the highest quality High-Speed Steel – this is the common product used for cutting alloys and common steel. All the blades are made in super high-speed steel with a high tungsten and molybdenum content.

These elements of composition ensure that, after heat treatment, extremely high hardness and suitable tenacity is achieved. The right tungsten percentage is essential to create the correct quantity of very hard wear-resistant carbides to improve the tool life under high temperatures.

Carbide Cold Saw Blade Blanks: Built To Perfection

The tungsten increases the mechanical endurance of the tool, improving the cutting performance and preventing the austenitic grain enlargement (In Material science, austenite grain growth is the increase in size of grains in a material at high temperature). The tungsten is also essential to guarantee the formation of a fine martensitic structure, and increases the tool tenacity, maintaining a high mechanical resistance. Vanadium is the element that forms the hardest, wear-resistant carbides amongst all other alloys.

It is super high-speed steel that, in addition to the alloy elements already present in the Dmo5, also contains 5% cobalt. Cobalt does not form carbides but, in high-speed steel, favours the stability of the structure during tempering, obstructs critical grain growth and above all, maintains an excellent degree of hardness at high operating temperatures. These characteristics are very important when cutting very high-alloy materials such as stainless steel and very hard metals, which tend to develop high temperatures in the cutting zone.

Advantages Of Using Blank Cold Saw Blades

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Our blades are long lasting with extremely high wear resistance.
  • Supplied in quality boxes that will last the life of the blade.
  • They can be easily resharpened.


Delivering These Versatile Blades All Across Australia

Blades manufactured at are suitable for cutting Mild Steels, Structural Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Alloys, Copper, and Brass.

We manufacture blades to suit all cold saw machines including Thomas, Brobo, Soco, Hafco, Metalmaster, Steelmaster, MACC.

Based in Hamilton, VIC, at, orders are shipped the next day with our estimated delivery time for orders within VIC is an astonishing 1 day. We take 2 days for orders from NSW, ACT and SA and 3 days for TAS and QLD. 


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