5 Most Asked Questions About Carbon and BiMetal Ripper Bandsaw Blades

When working with wood that needs cutting you want the best carbon and Bimetal Ripper Bandsaw Blades to get the job done correctly. While our customers know that at sawblade.com.au, we take pride in only stocking the finest quality steel, you still have questions about our blades. We have listened and have answered your five most common questions below.

5 Most Asked Questions About Carbon and BiMetal Ripper Bandsaw Blades

How long do the blades last?

How long our bandsaw blades last depend on the type of blade it is and in what context. If you are a hobbyist, then a Carbon Ripper Blade is likely to last between a week and a month. A Bimetal Ripper Bandsaw Blade lasts much longer than the Carbon option, anywhere between 2 and 6 months. If using in a woodshop, the Bimetal Blade would only last a month or two because of the frequency of use.

What does it mean by custom made bandsaw ripper blade?

Our Bandsaw blades are custom made, which is the act of making them to the exact specification of your bandsaw machine. We know that by customing making our products that they will perfectly fit your machine every single time.

What’s the normal range of Teeth Per Inch (TPI) do Bandsaw Blades have?

The coarseness of the blades is measured by how many teeth it has per inch. Bandsaw Blades normal range TPI is between 1 to 3 TPI.

What type of wood do Bimetal Ripper Bandsaw Blades usually cut?

These blades typically cut logs for both splitting and sawing. A Bimetal Ripper Blade is especially idea for hardwoods including walnut, blackbutt, ironbark and Australian beech.

Can the blades fit large sawmill machines?

Larger sawmill machines take blades that are a width of at least two and three inches wide which is a specialised size. At Saw Blades, we only cater to sizes up to around an inch and a half so can’t currently produce blades at these specifications.

There is nothing more important to the team at Saw Blade than making sure you have all the right information to purchase your custom made Carbon and BiMetal Ripper Bandsaw Blades. Order online from us today for a quick 24-hour turnaround.


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