Best Plastic Cutting Bandsaw Blades For Sale

Looking for the best plastic cutting bandsaw blades for sale? Take a look at our range of plastic cutting bandsaw blades made from premium quality hardened steel and manufactured at

Our plastic cutting bandsaw blades are widely in demand and are capable of cutting different types of plastics such as packaging material, PU foam plastic, PVC, PP, PETE, HDPE and fibreglass reinforced plastic, among others. Our blades have the flexibility and precision that plastics of various grades require.

Best plastic cutting bandsaw blades for sale

Different Types of Plastic Cutting Bandsaw Blades

You can pick your plastic cutting bandsaw blade based on two deciding factors – the type of plastic you need to cut and the type of finish you require.  There are three different types of plastic cutting bandsaw blades that we offer on

  • Carbon Flexback Blade: Gives a coarser cut. Best for one-off uses. The blade is cost-effective. You can use this blade to cut plastic packaging.
  • Band Knife Blade:  Higher quality cuts. Best for one-off uses. You can cut PU foam and plastic packaging using this blade.
  • Carbide Grit Bandsaw: Is designed to give a smoother finish and cuts plastic without coarse edges. Best for regular use. Ideal for cutting fibreglass reinforced plastic.

The Life of Plastic Cutting Bandsaw Blades

The life of our plastic cutting bandsaw blades depend on the tiers chosen and the amounts of cuts done. The Carbon Flexback Blade and Band Knife Blade will last for a couple of months, if used on a daily basis. The Carbide Grit Bandsaw should last longer, even if used extensively. It can endure many cuts before needing to be sharpened once a year.

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