Best Band Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminium

Best Band Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminium

When choosing the best band saw blade for cutting aluminium, there is usually only one choice to be made. The best selection is the Bi-Metal 42 10/14 TPI saw blade. It gives the perfect cut and is definitely our first choice for recommendation at

Aluminium Thickness

The thickness of the aluminium is one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best band saw blade. Because of the versatility of the Bi-Metal 42 10/14 TPI, it cuts easily through thin aluminium. However, depending on the actual thickness of the metal, an adjustment of the teeth may be required. For Example, a thicker aluminium needs fewer teeth.

A Nice, Smooth Finish

The Bi-Metal 42 can actually be used on more than just aluminium. This is because of its hard and easily distributed tips on the blade, leaving an even, smooth finish to the cut. It is also very resistant to wear and tear.

Where the Steel is Sourced

Steel from our best band saw blades come from Germany but are welded to your specifications in Australia. It is the quality of the steel that allows us to create such good band saw blades for cutting aluminium.

Breaking in a Band Saw Blade

When using your new bandsaw blade for the first time, starting slowly and adjusting your speed gradually will help break in your blade. If your machine allows, add sufficient cooling so it can perform at its best.

One-Off or Regular Use

The quality of the blade you get for your machine will depend on how much you use your device. If you are planning on using it as a one-off experience, you can go with a more cost-effective carbon flexback blade. This type of blade is versatile and can cut a range of material, including aluminium. However, if you regularly cut aluminium then going for the Bi-Metal 42 is the right choice for the best cut.

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