Bandsaw Blades to Saw Rock

Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw Blades to Saw Rock

Processing raw materials is an integral part of multiple industries. That’s why bandsaws are versatile machines that are used to cut a range of different things like meat and plastic.

But what about tougher earthen materials such as those found in the mining industry? Whilst most machines use steel blades, the bandsaw blades needed to saw rock are often coated in special shavings.

As a result, the blades become suited to cutting harder or more abrasive materials.

2 Types of Blades to Saw Rock

By coating the teeth edge with diamond shavings artificial diamonds coated blades are able to saw through denser material.

Moreover, these blades also have gullets, leaving gaps between the teeth which allow for more aggressive cuts.

For instance, in mining operations, you’ll be able cut through piping filled with rock using diamond bandsaw blades. As such, diamond blades are suited for cutting material such as concrete and industrial ceramics.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, carbide grit blades are also able to saw through rock. This is thanks to a mixture of metal and carbon being coated on the blades to produce a harder and stronger blade.

This makes it ideal for cutting through not only rock, but also materials such as carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics.

Please note our blades are made-to-order, we manufacture and send over 3500 blades are day from the factory in Melbourne.

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