Bandsaw Blades To Saw Concrete

Bandsaw Blades To Saw Concrete

When you’re looking for bandsaw blades to saw concrete you need a quality blade so you can saw with confidence.

You might ask, what types of bandsaw blades are right for the job? There are two blades that are the most common and effective currently available on the market.

The first, a diamond coated blade. Here at SawBlade we offer the SawBlade Diamond Coated Gulleted Blade. They are the strongest and hardest material blade with the ability to cut through almost anything. The diamond coating is made using electroplating. Electroplating is a process that uses an electrical current that covers the blade in its coating. 

The second, and more cost effective alternative, is the Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade. This option is made with carbide (a compound of carbon and another alloy metallic element). In this instance, high alloy steel. Similarly the carbide blade is coated with a high quantity of carbide grains onto a flexible backing strip. They are fatigue resistant, making them the ideal bandsaw blades to saw concrete.

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