Bandsaw Blade to Cut Tungsten Steel

Let’s Take a Look at Bandsaw Blade to Cut Tungsten Steel

If you are unfamiliar with, you wouldn’t be aware of how versatile our bandsaw blades are. In our blog posts, we have been exploring all the different materials our blades can cut, and today we are exploring how bandsaw blade and tungsten steel.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten, in its raw form, is a rare metal that is often brittle and hard to work with. It is also strong, at least 10 times hard than 18K Gold and 5 times hard than tool steel. 

Tungsten Steel

Tungsten steel is any material that has tungsten in it as part of its alloy element. While it may not seem like a commonly used steel because it doesn’t change shape when youcut it, it is excellent at:

  • Can take extreme heat;
  • Handles wear and tear; and
  • It isn’t as likely to corrode.

Due to these elements, it is generally used for micro drill bits, high durability shelf-sharpening blades and interestingly rocket engine nozzles.

What Bandsaw Blade to Cut Tungsten Steel?

The type of bandsaw blade to cut tungsten steel depends on the thickness of the material.

For thicker steel, you are going to need to use a harder, stronger blade. For measurements between 3-4 inches, the best option is the Bi-Metal M51. This blade has a high thermal and mechanical wear resistance, and its tooth form makes it suitable for cutting thick, solid higher-grade alloy materials.

Anything above 4 inches is better suited to a high-speed steel Coldsaw blades which have carbide grit teeth that are very strong and heat resistant and perfect for cutting abrasive materials such as tungsten steel.

Buy Your Bandsaw Blade Online

Looking for the right blade to cut tungsten steel? Explore our website and discover all our options for cutting a variety of steel. Our blades are custom made to fit your machine at quality better than you can buy elsewhere. We sell between 1000-3000 a day across Australia directly from our factory. 

Enjoy discovering just why our range of bandsaw blades are so popular.


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