Bandsaw Blade To Cut Cast Iron

When you need a bandsaw blade to cut cast iron you need to be sure your blade has the ability to finish the job. Cast iron is a material made from a group of iron carbon alloys with a carbon content of more than 2%. Its usefulness comes from its low melting temperature.

It’s is often used for a range of different objects. Such as pipes, machines, automotive industry parts, cylinder heads and blocks. For a bandsaw blade to cut cast iron you’ll need a carbide blade.

Here at we offer the Carbide Grit, which is the ideal blade to cut through cast iron. It’s carbide tips can cut through cast iron smoothly with improved cutting speed and durability. The curve of the carbide grit blade allows material to pass through easily with less heat build up.

But, why choose for your bandsaw blade? Well, good question. With 3,000 blades leaving our factories everyday we are the number #1 custom bandsaw blade provider in Australia. We sell bandsaw blades customised to your machines specifications and needs.