What is a bandsaw blade guide

What is a bandsaw blade guide?

Bandsaw blade guide is a tool that keeps the bandsaw blades on track while cutting wood.

How to use a bandsaw blade guide?

Bandsaw blade guides are set above and below the saw table to hold the bandsaw blade in position. This reduces the vibration generated while cutting which assures a precise quality cut.

bandsaw blade guide

What are our bandsaw blade guides made of?

There are multiple types of materials that are used for blades guides, namely ceramic and carbide.

Maintaining a blade guide

To maintain the bandsaw blade guide, check the guide for wear and tear. Also, check whether the tear is caused by the usage or caused by operator error. Make sure to replace your guide if there are issues.

The guide should be placed properly and should not be worn. Otherwise, it can cause excessive wear of the sawblade that could lead to difficulty in maintaining correct adjustment of the upper guide block. If that is the case, there are chances that the machine will not cut correctly. Additionally, the blade will come loose or break and there will be a lot of debris.

The blade cuts in from the wheels to the guide and the path needs to be adjusted perfectly in order to get the best cut.

If the gaps between guide become wider due to friction the blade will break, resulting in inaccurate cuts.

Blade guides provide a very critical function to bandsaw machines. Still not sure where to begin? Request a quote or call our support number on 03 9005 7931.


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