Band Saw Blade Maintenance

Preventative and corrective maintenance of band saw blades is very important for the prolonged life and cost effectiveness of any band saw machine. The blade life and continuous smooth cuts you want are directly related to the maintenance routine of the blades.

One first tip to help you prolong band saw blade life is to store blades away from moisture or humidity as much as possible. The aim here is to prevent rust or pitting of your blades.

Next, is to not ignore daily maintenance tasks. You need to ensure your band saw blades are free of sawdust, sap and general dirt and debris. In addition, check for any wear to the band saw blades, and to your chip brush and guides. Your chip brush should be made of nylon or brass; wire brushes are to be avoided due to the damage they can cause to your band saw blades.

Other daily tasks should include checking the lubricants and fluids, and check worn or older parts. The band saw blade guide should also be checked and adjusted if necessary.

Lastly some general tips to keep your band saw blades in top condition include not keeping your blades on hard surfaces like concrete or steel. The blades will dull with movement on these surfaces.

If you transport your blades at all, ensure they do not rub against each other as this may cause chips. Pad the band saw blades with cardboard or ply.

Ensure the belts on your band saw machine are correctly tightened, especially with new belts which will require more frequent checks.

It is important for maintenance to be regularly attended to, to ensure best productivity and band saw blade life.