Buy Bandsaw Blades in Western Australia

Buy Bandsaw Blades in Western Australia the New Norm

Purchase your bandsaw blades direct from the manufacturer if you are living in WA. 

Bandsaw Blades in Western Australia; Our company is sourcing the steel from the United Kingdom and Germany, once your order is received we then custom weld the blades to your specification and shipping the blades out to businesses like yours in Western Australia.

With customers throughout WA, you can finally save both time and money ordering your blades direct.

5 Reasons to Purchase Online From Kimberley to Pilbara

  1. Saves you time and energy. With a dedicated customer service line (03 9005 7931) Customers throughout Western Australia can simply place their bandsaw blade orders online.The blades are manufactured within 24 hours then sent via Toll (Normally arriving within 5 days)
  2. 20-30% Discount Since Purchasing Direct.  The blades are made to order. Western Austalia customers are finding that the quality of the blades is more superior to their existing selection and in turn last longer! 
  3. Safe and Secure. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, everyone is being advised by the World Health Organization to stay in your workplaces as much as possible. Simply ordering online solves this challenge.
  4. Right Blade for the Right Machine. Thanks to the dedicated blade customer support, Correctly select the perfect bandsaw blade.
  5. Bandsaw Blades Subscription. Order in advance every month to ensure stock levels are maintained.  

To get started simply Request a Quote or use our special Build Your Blade Website Form or contact the company directly on 03 9005 7931.

You can choose from Bi-Metal Ripper Blades or the popular Carbon Ripper Blades we also have Handsaws and Hacksaws.


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