Aluminium Cutting Bandsaw Blades For Sale

Aluminium Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Due to the recent advancements in bandsaw technology, bandsaw blades are now widely used for cutting Aluminium. Aluminium is a relatively soft metal that is lightweight, ductile, and malleable. Depending on the surface roughness, the appearance of aluminium can range from grey, dull, to silver. 

Advantages Of Using Aluminium Cutting Bandsaw Blades

Due to the advantages of using a lighter material in manufacturing, metal fabricators are interested in finding out the best Aluminium cutting bandsaw blades. Bandsaw blades are the preferred choice because of the control it provides the operator to regulate the feed rate and speed of the blade. 

The entry and exit points are the two major areas which if not taken care of, could lead to damage to the blade and material. Controlling entry and exit of the blade into the cut could result in superior performance and a long-lasting blade. 

Producing Quality Bandsaw Blades

At, we manufacture blades with precise accuracy to facilitate efficient cutting of a softer metal like Aluminium. Our benchmark production process ensures that every blade produced has improved blade rigidity for a straighter and more accurate cut. Our blades feature hardened teeth coupled with a spring-tempered back to provide flexibility and high tensile strength

Delivering Full Range Of Blades All Across Australia

Based in Hamilton, VIC, generates a manufacturing turnaround time of only one day after receiving an order from the customer. Orders are shipped the next day with your blades safely packaged to reach you in top condition. Our estimated delivery time for orders within VIC is an astonishing 1 day.

We take 2 days for orders from NSW, ACT and SA and 3 days for TAS and QLD. is one of the quickest and efficient bandsaw blade dealers, manufacturing and delivering blades all across Australia.

Get in touch with us and we would be delighted to assist you in finding the best blade suited for your requirements.